In India where people are talking about privatisation, urbanisation and rapid life style, there are some communities still longing for food shelter and fundamental rights. They are not literate enough to know what their basic rights are. Various organisations and government are working for their abundance and Sewa Sadan is one of them.

The name of the institution derives the purpose itself “A Place to Serve”. Sewa Sadan, a non-governmental organisation, is emerging as a boon for the people who are helpless in terms of food, literacy, health or work. The NGO is working in almost every niche to make the life better of men, women and the emerging future of the nation “children”.

We know that a start is the beginning of the change, thus we work for those children who need special attention. We arrange special guidance for them and encourage them to study well and become confidant. Here they are prepared not only for the upcoming classroom examination, but deal with every challenge they have to face in their life span.

Nowadays, pollution is the major issue of India especially Delhi/NCR; members of Sewa Sadan have formed a crew and started working in the field of pollution to stop it. Time to time they start various campaigns such as plantation, save water, personal hygiene, organic farming, education and so on to make people aware about the health of their family and society, environment and the importance of education.

Sewa Sadan has collected donation from various governmental, non-governmental and other social welfare associations to serve their duty of fulfilling the basic needs of the needy and of people who are affected by any kind of disaster or calamity.

The organisation is making people aware about their fundamental rights and has become a helping hand of the state as well as the central government in their welfare schemes; Sewa Sadan keep an eye of the public data that maximum number of needy gets benefitted by these welfare plans in its working area. Moreover, it has started research campaigns for the welfare of rural, tribal and other backward communities and makes social awareness amongst urban people to help them to lead a new a better life ahead.