Self Defense Training Camp


Organized by women self-defense training camp

* Under the campaign to train self-defense for fifty thousand women and girls, two-day training camp was organized in the SCC Hightas at Raj Nagar Extension under the auspices of Service Sadan, All India Yoga Institute and Kudo Welfare Association, today. Crime snatches such as chain snatching, kidnapping, rape, plunder, etc.
To deal with the incidents, the Kudo Welfare Association Ghaziabad general secretary and chief coach Tarun Sharma told how to make their security in a special situation, easy easy ways.
Tarun Sharma told the women and the girls how did you catch hands, throats, hair, or someone like a knock on your side, or somebody smashed with a knife, sticks, gun or someone purse, chain or someone If you want to avoid valuing a similar loot, you also have to use your everyday pins, hair hair band, pan, scarf or parts of your body, fingers, feet, teeth, knee, sir, elbow etc.
How to avoid using your weapon as a weapon. At the end of the camp, the Minister of the Food and Civil Supplies Minister Atul Garg, Smt Sudha Garg, social worker Shri Ravi Garg, Seema Goyal, Chaudhary Mangal Singh, Gita Agrawal, Neera Vasharnayee, Vandana Sharma, Neera Vasharnay, Mukesh Goyal, Amit Sharma, Nina Kapoor , Kant ji, Kavita Sharma,Rachna, Shivangi Kaushik, Amrita ji, Shweta ji honored by giving certificates to all the participants.
On this occasion, Mrs. Sudha Garg, bestowing good luck to the women and girls of the country, said that now the time has come that every woman will be able to own her own security, it will only succeed when you participate in self defense camps and save yourself. Will learn the technique and empower yourself.
While congratulating all the organizers and trainers, Sudha ji said that if the camps are organized on this side then the self confidence of women in the society will also increase and the women and children will continue to learn ways to protect themselves, in the form of a sub-instructor in the camp In Santosh Kumar Mishra, Keshav Sharma, Chand Mohammed, Puja Singh and Vinod Kumar Mishra participated. A large number of women and girls took part in the camp.
After successful training, the tired women / girls have taken the pledge that we will carry out the training of the services Sadan with full training, in which Mahi, Shreya, Smile, Soumya, Purnima, Gunjan, Ishnavi, Shivani, Vaishnavi, Anusha, Sanchi, Sejal, Priyanshi, Anna, Shurhishi, Kanika, Bhargavi, Anmol, Rajni, Maitreyi, Shweta etc. were prominent
Coordinator of Training Camp, Smt Seema Goyal said that as many of our All India Yoga Sansthan will be setting up self defense training camps for women in all the districts in Ghaziabad so that more and more women in Ghaziabad should be trained for self defense. Could

Chaudhary Mangal Singh Ji informed that our goal is to provide self-defense training to fifty thousand women and girls, so far two thousand women have been trained by us. Given the needs of women, this target can be extended further.

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