Free Medical Camp organized

A free health check camp was organized on 03/07/2018 by Mahindra Finance, Blessing Hospital and Sewasadan Sansthan located at Kotagavan in Ghaziabad. The camp included Hind Nagar Colony, Loha Mandi, South Side Industry Agency, South Side, GT Road, Patients benefited from the Free Health Check Camp: Dr. Sunil Dutt,Dr Khushboo, Radhika Rajput (Senior Manager),Free checking of diseases by other staff of Blessing Hospital, including Free Symptom of Diseases, Suffer, Inhalation, Lung, Blood Pressure and Heart etc. Checked
Mahindra Finance’s Zonal HR Shri Shuvroto Sarkar, Salil Regional HR, Deepak Bhati, Sakshi Chaudhary, Ravindra Singh, Hareram, Rajendra Mittal (MLA Atul Garg, MLA’s Representative), chief minister of sewasadan Chaudhary Mangal Singh, Sunita Bhatia, Rachna, Harit Rishi Vijay Pal Bagehel, Udit Mohan, Tarun Sharma (Kudo Welfare Association Secretary-General), Ravi Garg (Kudo Welfare Association Vice President), Praveen Arya ji (Yogacharya), Meenu (Social Savic) ), Ranjit Singh and Anil Srivastava etc. done commendable work to carry the patients
On this occasion, Zonal HR of Mahindra Finance said that from time to time, the camps will continue to be used in the settlements through the service halls.
Thanks to Dr. Blessings Hospital and staff for helping the staff, Deepak Bhati, Sakshi Chaudhary, Ruchi Pradhan, Mahindra Finance, thanked for such a good arrangement.
During the inauguration, Mr. Rajendra Mittal (MLA’s representative Mr. Atul Garg) said that the Finance Finance has done commendable work by making people aware about health in service slums and organizing free medical care.
Shri Tarun Sharma (Kudo Welfare Association Secretary-General) said that the services of the Chief Minister of the sewasadan chaudhary Mangal Singh Ji are always ready to serve the poor and thank them.
With this thanks to Dr. Sunil Dutt, Dr Khushboo etc. of Blessing Hospital.
Respected Harit Rishi Vijay Pal Baghel ji told that the oxygen only meets the tree and should be planted more trees so that we can not get sick, even then for this joint work, the work of the services of the Chief Minister sewasadan Chaudhary Mangal Singh, Sunita Bhatia, Rachna, etc. Appreciated the appreciation and said that the service day takes part in the increase in social work and appears in the advance role

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