Independence Day celebrated in Sewa Basti (17)

Date 15-08-2018 * 72nd Independence Day by the Service House celebrated with poor children in Rajnagar extension *

15/08/2018, 5 -System Enclave (New Coat Village) G.T. Rod Ghaziabad, Minister of Service, Chaudhary Mangal Singh ji, along with his whole team, in slums built between high elevations of Raj Nagar extension Living service celebrated with poor children of the township.
Chaudhary Mangal Singh Ji told the children about the importance of education. He said that the importance of education is very important in our lives. Through education, we can achieve any level and independently from this poverty. High places can reach if we reach the place by writing a reading, then in reality it is our Independence Day that Chaudhary Mangal Singh Ji To all parents of all children also requested that we cooperate with the people only and only with the intention of providing the children with confidence and that these children will create history in India one day. (14)
Let us tell you that the services are encouraging children from 2000 families in Ghaziabad, which are all different groups and places. Sarita Sharma, who runs this center in collaboration with her husband, Mr. Madan Ji, teaches these children every time, taking time away. Similarly, through the service house, poor children and women living in slum huts also live in other areas of the city. It is taught and educated women are trained to self-employed, by checking their health through homeopathic method, taking treatment The system also. (11)
On this occasion of Independence Day, children of SCC High School Pahu, Ranjun, Bhargavi, Shreya, Chakra Shraddha etc. shouted songs of patriotism, moving forward in this sequence, Mrs. Seema Goel ji * the true * song of the child By singing the mantra to everybody, children were encouraged to read through cultural programs and finally the text was delivered to the children after the program. On this occasion, Sarita Sharma, Seema Goyal Seva Sadan’s District President Shivangi Kaushik,Rachna and Vice President Seva Sadan, Ravi Kumar Garg, Vandana Sharma, Neelam Singh, Poonam, and Neera Varshney, were present with their husband on this occasion, encouraged by seeing Samos and Laddus. . (15)

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