About Us

Sewa Sadan is a non-governmental organisation has been formed under Society Registration Act 21 1860 to provide shelter for all who need a helping hand to step ahead towards a better life. However, we satiate in spreading the perception of kindness towards the downtrodden people. Sewa Sadan welcomes those who want to enlist themselves to devote their wealth or service for the betterment of the society. We praise Indian culture and make people understand the importance of celebrating festivals and jayanti of great personalities of India together, this inspires people to respect each other’s culture and get motivation in their lives. What We Do Sewa Sadan provides affiliation to various harmonious organisations and running numerous welfare programs. Sewa Sadan has been taking care of varied Rashtrya Yojana started for the benefit of the society, some of them are:

  • We provide free guidance to the children who are not doing very well in their classes; make people aware about the importance of education. Administrate free classes for the children in the slum area.
  • We help women and distressed community to empower themselves and make them aware about their fundamental rights and schemes started by the government for them.
  • Make people aware about pollution control and the consequences of unhygienic lifestyle.
  • Provide support to the voluntary organisation in developing new methods to bolster their activities.
  • Conduct workshop for the affiliated organisations and other volunteers.
  • Creating awareness of the social, educational, legal, environmental awareness that can affect day to day life.
  • Help governmental welfare schemes to reach to the needy and make it successful.
  • Help those who are affected by any kind of natural calamity or any misshaping in life.
  • Encourage farmers for organic farming and help them to get benefitted by loan schemes planned by government especially for them.
  • Organise national festivals and jayantis on a large scale and apprise people about the glorious history of the country.
  • Representing the social issues in front of the government and making strategies of solving those on immediate basis.
  • Publish informative and enlightening bulletins about the achievements NGO and supporting organisations regularly.

Our Mission and Vision Our objective is to empower the persecuted community and individual no matter what gender or race they belong by consolidating the voluntary organisations and providing them a platform serve Mankind and the Mother Earth. Our perception is to make people aware of the “Sewa” (to serve), “Swachchhata” (hygiene), and “Siksha” (education) to make the Earth a better place to live.