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Celebrate The Festival of Makar Sakranti

Celebration of the Makarskranti celebration in the sewa Sadan, today, on the 15 january  of the month of Ganesh Shankranti festival starting on at 9 a.m in the morning, starting with the Mahayagya , along with the melodious hymns and Aarti, the scholar of MahaYag , Shri Parveen Arya Ji and Mr. K.c Goel After completing the meeting, Mr. Parvin Arya ji of the program explained the significance of Makar Shankranti in a very simple language by the hymns, you said,  Maha After the sacrifice, Samata Samant also tied the evening with its sweet hymns, and the composition also made the mantra enlightened by all the melodious hymns, Namdev Sabha on this  Trihan, from Vishnu Garden New Delhi; From the crossing, the equality equality, the SCC High Rajnagar Extension, Border Goyal Neetu Singh, Rajani Gupta, Mr. K.B. Singh, After the reception, after the split of the Khadi, on this occasion, B.N. Gupta, Samaya Singh, Shri, Rajni Gupta, Vijay Pavar, Kavita Sharma, Amit Kumar, Vijayji etc. were present.

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