Chhath Mahaparv festival ends with pomp

वार्षिक छठ महापर्व उत्सव सेवा सदन (17) (20) (22)

Ghaziabad, Tuesday, 13-11-2018 8th Annual Chhath Mahaparv Utsav organized by the Service Sadan and Chhath Seva Samiti was celebrated in the Bhojpuri colorful program, Hind Nagar Colony GT Road. Ved Prakashak Arya ji from Aarh Gurukul Noida started the session from Gayatri Mantra and tied it with God Devotion and Country Devotional songs.

Central Arya Yuva Parishad’s provincial general secretary Pravin Arya ji at the modern tune of “O3M”, do it with the help of God, who is the owner of the world, take the name of him “,” laugh laughing lively life “, when Zero gave my India, India has counted me, the world has counted, listening to the songs, and listening to the songs became enchanted.Shrimati Raj Kumari, who was from Panchavati, gave the message of “Beti Bachao, Beti Practice” through her song, listening to the audience became alarmed.
Singer Pramod Deewani Banaras, Mira Bharuch Lucknow made such a conspiracy from their songs awaken the audience.Social worker from Crossing Republic gave information about various schemes of the Prime Minister for the poor in his manifestation.

The Chhath festival was celebrated with great fanfare.In which the well-known social activists of Ghaziabad, Chaudhary Mangal Singh (Maha Seva Sadan), from the Crossing Republic, S. Singh, Anita Sen, Sanjay Saxena, District President of Seva Sadan, Prof. Shivangi Kaushik, Amit Tayal, Vipin Singhal, Social Sevi Ravi Garg, Media Incharge Neeraj Goyal, K B Singh Tevatia, Vice President (BJP Farmer Morcha), Kavita Sharma (Coordinator Service Sadan) Shubesh Sharma, Alok Tyagi, Kapil ji Vijay Nagar and Leader Gan appeared.

In the noble guests, Rajiv Tyagi Raj ji, chairman of the social institution “One step towards humanity”, gave Ramah Tulsi a semblance of all social workers. Rajeev Tyagi ‘Raj’ told that this festival is the biggest festival of Purvanchal people. In it, water is offered to the sun god. And on the auspicious occasion of Chhath festival, everybody should plant fruitful and shady trees. Guests were present in the audience including Shri Krishna Veer Singh Tevatia, Subhash Sharma, Amita Tayal, Alok Tyagi, Ravi Garg, Neeraj Goyal.
In order to make the above program successful, Jogendra Singh Yadav (Chhat Puja Foundation), Ranjit Singh (Working Karini Chairperson), Uday Bhan Singh Yadav, Anil Yadav, Guddu Yadav, Alok Gupta, Anil Jha, Jitendra, Sunni, Seema Singh, Ranju Singh Krishna, composition etc. has been an outstanding contribution.

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