Education is the base of any developed state or country. One has said “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. We understand the power of education; it helps to build self-confidence and generate the ability to analyse between rights and wrongs.

However, the government is running various educational campaigns in every town and village, but, it is very important to make people aware of these campaigns and the benefit of education in life. We are supporting these governmental educational programs and started our own campaigns as well. The “Siksha” campaign of Sewa Sadan has been started with the vision of an educated society which includes the cluster of visionary people. Let’s see how and what we do to make people educate:

  1. We do the survey in the urban and rural area and make a data of students whose parents are under the poverty line, students not good in studies, the illiteracy rate of women, men, children and aged people.
  2. Start sports club and organise yoga camps.
  3. Promote physical education and make people aware about the benefits and jobs in physical education.
  4. Start and support campaigns for basic education in urban and rural areas.
  5. Start awareness campaigns in the tribal area and tell them how education can make their lives better.
  6. Arrange funds from government as well as other NGO/VO and donors to provide books and uniforms for poor students.
  7. Start and support scholarship programs for primary and higher education.
  8. Provide extra guidance to the students who are not so good in studies.
  9. Support the interest area of the students.
  10. Educate people about the glorious history of mankind and our country.
  11. Start a campaign to educate women and aged in rural as well as urban area.
  12. Arrange workshops in slums and rural area and support the business ideas of the people.
  13. Provide job oriented training.
  14. Invite jobless people to work with us on a salary basis and provide training for them.

We believe that “education is not preparation of life; education is life itself”; so we are running campaigns and making strategy to raise self-awareness of educating themselves in the mass.