More than 60 organizations give support to General VK Singh ji

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-04 at 12.26.08Today, dated 3.4.2019, Modern College of Flame Mohan Nagar, in Ghaziabad by Shri Ashok Nagar, N.G. Nearly 56 N.G.O. of Ghaziabad, in support of the O, in support of the honorable General V. Of On this moke, the minister of the house, Mangal Singh all n. G. Speaking to O, he said that social institutions are not political. All political parties are equal for these institutions. But today the country needs such a strong government. Who can save the country from external forces and take everyone along. With the help of everyone, it is possible to take on the development of the respected Modi’s tenure of four and a half years is going to take the country forward and the country has been identified in this short time, the country has been recognized on the international side, even tough decisions on many moks If this is to be taken then this government has to.
If the Opposition speaks of the opposition, then the whole opposition is scattered. There is lack of a mobilization in all parties. Narendra Modi only
Only one such person is there. Which is capable of taking the country forward with dignity, both the policies and the fixed of the Bharatiya Janata Party are clearly and with the strengths associated with all the groups related to them, Narendra Modi
If the people support, then the country will stand on a fixed world panel. Chau on this moke Mangal Singh called upon all the organizations to win the honorable Mr. Gen VK Singh and Prime Minister Narendra Modi
RK Verma, Archana Chaudhary, Tarun Sharma, Dr. Neelam Sharma, Dr. Poonam Sharma, Shri V.C. Singh, Rajeev Dhir, RK Verma, Participants in support meetings on behalf of the Service Sadan and Associate Institutions, Vishnu Dubey ji, Sangeeta ji, Meena Gupta, Aniruddha Jee, Lalita Vishta, Rama Gupta Princess, Advocate Chanchal Gupta, Amit, Vijay Pal Bagel etc. were present

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