Sewa Sadan Begins to Celebrate the Birthday of Senior Citizens

Giving further detail to the service sector, the Service Sadan family today started the celebration of birth date of senior citizens from 12.12.2011, proving that those who engaged in fulfilling the obligations of family and society to their whole life Lets go to the last stop and feel helpless and lonely. At such times also, on some occasions, if we give a chance to laugh and cheer on some excuses Can save them from going into a very big depression.
Today, we have started this virtue by celebrating the seventy-four birth anniversary of the patron, social worker, senior citizen, respected engineer of Ram Rahim Singh Ji and you are Chief Engineer Irrigation Retired from the Government of Uttar Pradesh, is a very good social worker. The patron sages are the All-India Yoga Institute Patanjali is the Chief Minister of the Delhi Prefecture of Haridwar, Senior Citizen Greater Noida Ascocion Full responsibility Dhyksh do Huye, full time with yoga, and round the work of service hours schedule

Showers do not like at all, believe in doing the work by joining the ground; 74th birthday of such a great personality * Service Sadan with his whole team celebrated his residence at Senior Citizen Park, Greater Noida, on this occasion Mr. Rampal Singhji said that to be healthy, long breath should be done, in general we use only 35 percent of our lungs for breathing, if we are breathing C do that is that long breath, then exhale the mouth fr

Sewa Sadan Begins to Celebrate the Birthday of Senior Citizens
Sewa Sadan Begins to Celebrate the Birthday of Senior Citizens

14 18 34 (43) (71) (75) (84) (85) (96)om the nasal oxygen to our body even more,
Since we never get sick, malaria fever is done to avoid cough.

If we take five soft leaves of neem, five pepper and five basil leaves for five consecutive days in the empty stomach, then the entire season will not be passed to the fever like fever. Through the service house, thousands of people are free to do the above things free of cost. Goes to
Those who use it have been seen that they do not really have a fever in the season. You said that if only we breathe from fifteen to twenty minutes of breathing every day, many diseases are cured, and for a longer period So also get benefits in cancer.

On this occasion, the entire family of Mr. K. Goyal, Maha Chau Chau Mangal Singh, Vijay Pavar, Krishnan, Samitya Samitya Sammanta, Kavita Sharma, Pravin Arya, and Respected Rampal Singh ji, the whole family of Gyanendrapal Singh Ji attended Stayed

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