Service House meets Green Brigade

Today, on 13-10-2018, teaching of service projects run by service house like illiterate women, teaching women, stitching, embroidery, weaving, conducting mash, etc., standing on their feet, making them aware of health, helpless To arrange treatment for the people and to give training to women / girl children to self defense training etc. today, on 13/10/2018, today, Social worker from Chiranjiv Vihar Ghaziabad Shree Shagun Vishnoi with his friend Shrimati Sangeeta Jain came to Sevya Sadan’s Service Center, 5, Satyam Enclave, New Kotagao, GT Road, where they are doing the work of service, and how are being done etc. Talked about the work system of sevadan. He spent nearly two hours in the service center of the service center.

During this time, share their thoughts with the children of the service colony and learn how the groups of service colonies can help, how their group can help.
At this time, the convener of the self-defense training camps, Mrs. Kavita Sharma, the District Collector of the Service Sadan, Mr. Shivangi Kaushik was also present. Shrimanti Shagun Vishnoi ji told us that we and Sangeeta Jain together take care of plants in their colony’s parks and people Encourages not to use polythene and also runs cleanliness drive in their colony.Now we want to join our group with the services of the service house. In particular, the service house run by the women / girls will be interested in becoming Self-Defense Training camps.

On this occasion, Smt. Shagun said that the maximum number of self-defense training camps being organized by the service house should be held as much as that of the Chief Minister of the Service Sadhu Chou Mangal Singh ji, honored him with a flower cluster, Mrs. Shagun Bishnoi and Mrs. Sangeeta Jain etc. On this occasion, media charge Rachna, Krishna Kumar, poetry, Neetu Chaudhary, K. Shivangi Kaushik, advocate Kumari Chanchal, Jagdish Batra, etc. People present Area.

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