Sewa Sadan and Kudo vailfare organized the self-defense training camp

Under the campaign to train self-defense for fifty thousand women and girls, one-day training camp was organized in the joint session of the Seva Sadan and Kudo Welfare Association at the Section Sinh Balika Vidyalaya located at Gau Shala gate
To deal with the incidents of today’s crime-stricken men like chain snatching, kidnapping, rape, looting party etc., Koodo Welfare Association Ghaziabad’s General Secretary and the Chief Instructor of women and girls of the Service Sadan, Tarun Sharma, were informed that their own safety situation was special. How To Do It, Very Easy Easy Ways to Be Learned
Tarun Sharma told the women and the girls how did you catch hands, throats, hair, or someone like a knock on your side, or somebody smashed with a knife, sticks, gun or someone purse, chain or someone How to avoid the same looting of precious stones, how to protect your everyday pins, hair hair band, pan, scarf or the parts of your body, fingers, feet, teeth, knees, sir, elbow etc. Way to avoid your enemy usingAt the end of the camp, the social service Chaudhary Mangal Singh, (Maha Seva Sadan Sadhan) told the children that anger gets eaten. We become victims of indecision in anger. We should not be angry with small things, anger should also come. So take 10 breaths longer to control it, then our anger will calm down.Children should be pranayama every day, to live long and healthy life. Breathing should also be taken in that too long, so that more and more oxygen can be taken, by which both the body and mind will remain healthy, you further said that women should be trained in self defense By taking it will increase self confidence inside them, and when the Confidence Level is high, we will not be afraid to face any uneven situation.
Dhivkata Shivangi Kaushik, told that if we have learned the tricks of self defense then we will be working to safeguard ourselves in any particular situation, you further told the girls that if someone is troubling us, then call 1090 You can also inform the police.
Ms Shivangi Kaushik ji, while greeting all the women and girls of the country, said that now the time has come that every woman has been able to do her own security, it will be successful only when you take part in self defense camps to protect yourself. Will learn and empower yourself. Former Principal Mr. Om Prakash Shastri has been training on this occasion.
Kudo Welfare and Service Sadan * Thanking all the officials, said that the service chief of the Sadhan Sadhu Chaudhary Mangal Singh Ji had started the unique task of training these women, in fact, the government should have done it, because if the society is guilty of crime To make free, women will have to come forward, Shastri, welcoming Shri K.K. Sharma ji and apprised him of the crooked problems of his school; Ma Ji has Aswashn the situation as Snmbv aid and issuesMr. R. K. Arya Jeevan also exhorted the Balikesis, that any work should be learned by disciplining with great care, the service of services rendered by the service house is very laudable, self defense training is the art of living, the headmaster of the school Mrs. Deep Mala said that in our school, from time to time, many camps were given training to children from different types of subjects. Hti is but services for the training of self-defense being given by the House Blikaon is very necessary
If the women of the country are to be empowered, the crime will be less and we will be able to build a safe environment. Samaj Savvy, the school’s coordinator Shrimati Kiran Shrivastav ji called the balloons that now the time has come.

We are no longer to become ablal but to become Lakshmibai This is necessary so that we can all together create a crime-free society.Congratulating the Chief Instructor of the Kudo Association, Mr. Tarun Sharma and other trainers of the Service House, said that if such camps are organized, then the women’s self-confidence in society will increase and women and girl students can learn ways to defend themselves. In the camp, as a sub-trainer, Keshav Sharma, Vipin Kumar Sharma, Monika and Dev Kumar attended. A large number of women and girls took part in the camp.After successful training, the women / girls have taken the resolution that we should take full training and carry forward this campaign of the services house. On this occasion, special guest Mr. Sanjit Rana, Ravi Garg, Neeraj Goyal, Vijay Pavanar, Satarth Sharma (Athah), Rajni Divakar, Kum-Kum, Krishna, Advocate Chanchal Gupta, Social Savvy SK Tyagi, SS Tyagi, Social Service Poetry Sharma, Raksha, Usha Rana, Om Prakash Shatri ji are now prominent Coordinator of Training Camp Smt. Kavita Sharma said that there are 100 wards in Ghaziabad district by our service house. We are trying to train the people by installing self defense camps in all the wards, to which the maximum number of women in Ghaziabad To be trained in self defense
Kavita Sharma said that we work the entire team of Chaudhary Mangal Singh Ji and our goal is to provide self defense training to fifty thousand women and girls. So far, we have trained about three thousand, two hundred women. is. Given the needs of women, this target can be extended further.21 23 29 31 (96) सेवा सदन व कूडो संघ ने फिर किया आत्मरक्षा प्रशिक्षण शिविर का आयोजन

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