Basic Ethics

Social and Self Awareness (Swajagran, Samajik Jagran)

Sewa Sadan has been established with a gracious vision to make the society self-awakened, so that every person has a kindness for others and everyone knows their basic rights and duty. To make our society aware, we have organised numerous campaigns, publish weekly and monthly magazines and help the government in their welfare programs.

Our Jagran Campaigns

We and our affiliated NGOs and VOs do research work and make data on area and gather information about educational, environmental, health and other development and situation; later on we conduct training, where we discuss these social issues and their solution:

  1. Work on those students who are not good in health and studies.
  2. Make strategy to make people listen about the social issues in their area.
  3. Make the mass understand the consequences of living in a dirty environment by showing them videos, circulating pamphlets etc.
  4. Do regular check in nearby hospitals and dispensaries and schools.
  5. Organise public meetings and discuss their problems and try to resolve them.
  6. Making people understand that helping each other in good deeds will make them and their surroundings happy and healthy.
  7. Organise “nukkarnatak” and other programs to make people aware about their basic rights and duties towards themselves and societies.
  8. Encourage farmers for organic farming and aware them of governmental schemes started for their benefit.
  9. Celebrate national festivals so that people will get to know about the new invention and glorious past of our country so that they will respect everyone and every community.

Moreover, we have included gram sevak, Gram Panchayat and other relevant state and central government authority and welfare programs for the betterment of the people. Our jagran motto is all about social and self-awareness, so that one can have kindness and the feeling of equality in their heart of him/herself and for others as well.

If the mass knows their rights and duties towards the society, nature and themselves, they will consume the benefits started by the government and will get cheated by none. It is very important to realise the responsibility towards society as well, so that our society will become clean and environment will become pollution free.