Sewa means “to serve” and the meaning of Sadan is “home”, the name itself derives the motive of this NGO “Home of Service” or “A Place to Serve”; whatever metaphor you give to this pious place, it justifies the title appropriately.

Though, with the help of our well trained staffs, affiliated NGOs/VOs and government, we have served the needy and poor and helped them to lead towards a beautiful life. Our Seva campaign is all about:

  1. Help those who are under BPL and cannot afford healthy food, education and they not even have a job and shelter.
  2. Start drinking water campaigns in areas affected by drought or because of any other reason people are not getting clean drinking water.
  3. Make the food available for starving and poor people.
  4. Start “Jan Aahar” facility at low cost for those who cannot afford to buy expensive delicacies.
  5. Make governmental shelter, BPL allowance and pension plan success and in rural area.
  6. Collect fund to help flood affected, drought, fire, earthquake and any other natural calamity.
  7. Help those who are eligible and still jobless.
  8. Promote rural life and start various education and job or business programs for them.
  9. Make drugs and other facility available in the hospitals.
  10. Start hospitals and schools in rural area with the help of government and gram panchayat.
  11. Do research work and make data of those tribes who are still living in miserable condition in the outskirts.
  12. Encourage women to empower themselves so that they can help themselves as well as others.
  13. Stand by the poor and helpless and work for their rights and benefits.
  14. Start campaign to serve our mother nature and make the river, pond and surroundings clean.
  15. Support government and other organisations in their tree plantation and wildlife saviour campaigns.

Nevertheless, Sewa Sadan is the name of serving people as well as the environment. We have not only started our own Seva campaigns, but, gathered funds and helped those organisations who are serving any needy or are supporting any kind of welfare campaign for the environment or society.