Sponsor Us

Sewa Sadan is a prime organisation under which various NGOs and VOs get trained and supports us to make the programme successful, whether that is ours or any governmental welfare programme. It is our duty to make the affiliates NGOs/VOs make understand about the mission and vision of Sewa Sadan and train them on the welfare programs which we are going to start. Moreover, to achieve our objectives, we would like to invite you to join and sponsor us.

We are inviting you to sponsor our training as well as the welfare programs such as:

  • Conduct training for Affiliates
  • Start new welfare programme
  • Various scholarship programs
  • Continue previous programs
  • Spreading vision of Sewa Sadan and invite NGOs/VOs
  • Support NGOs/VOs to make their scheme successful, etc.

Our training programme includes educational, health, cleanliness, welfare of poor and people affected by fatal calamity, support organic farming and rural life, pollution control, etc. so that we would be able to build a better society for all of us without any racism. Other than this our training module includes:

  • Evaluation
  • Publicity of the programme and deals with relative person and issues
  • Report and proposal writing for our home publication
  • Office management and Human Resource Development
  • Take care of Accounts, Audit, tax issues and finance source
  • Making budget of the training and welfare plans and their campaigning
  • Dealing with crucial social matters
  • Seek support from government to run welfare campaigns and vice versa

Thus, we invite you to support us for the welfare of the society and be the part of the noble campaign.